Veterans Village / Honor Home Initiative

The Veterans Honor Home of Outagamie County was a study initiative to create a housing and hospice complex that provides honor, dignity and pride to senior veterans. It became part of a greater concept of a veterans village, which is currently in the planning stages. Please click on the link below for more information.

Task Force Members

Our task force, consisting of the following community members, assumed the name of Veterans Honor Home Task Force. We developed and adopted guidelines to ensure focus and direction. Our overarching objective was to gather and evaluate information that would lead to any justified recommendations that would serve the cause of veterans who were approaching end-of-life. Our research led us to a much broader understanding of veteran needs, while confirming the need for specialized end-of-life care for veterans. Members included:

Jodi Braun – ThedaCare

Mark De Bruin* – Ex-Officio for Outagamie County Executive

Robert Keller* – JJ Keller & Associates

Amanda Krueger – American National Bank Fox Cities

Joe Mauthe - Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities

Daniel Lange – Veterans Administration Jessy Lundin – Home Depot

Bob Pedersen – Goodwill NCW

Tanya Rabec – Outagamie County Supervisor

Jim Strong* – Fox Valley Veterans Council President

Mike Thomas* - Outagamie County Supervisor

Terry Timm* – Thrivent Financial

Tom Wiltzius* – enVision Performance Solutions

Anna Mallo – Task Force Recorder and Administrative Liaison


(After some months, De Bruin and Rabec resigned due to personal health issues and Lundin relocated due to employment.)

Local Contributors:
Steve Wille, Hoffman Planning Design and Construction
Jim Lincoln, Outagamie County Housing Authority
Kari Kuiper, Outagamie County Housing Authority
Lisa Schneider, Redevelopment Resources

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