The Fox Valley Veterans Council, Inc. (FVVC) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, created as a non-profit in September, 2009. The FVVC is composed of area veteran service organizations and associate members who provide emergency funding for basic needs to area veterans, those still serving, their dependents and survivors. The FVVC also facilitates a central forum within the Fox Valley area to disseminate veteran information amongst veteran organizations, and support veteran activities for the common good and welfare of all veterans. Additionally, the organization supports the Outagamie County Veterans Memorial and presents the Outagamie County annual Memorial Day and Veterans Day ceremonies.
To uphold the principles of the Constitution of the United States. To promote the goals and objectives of all veteran organizations for the common good; and the welfare of active and veteran personnel of all the Uniformed Services, as well as their dependents and survivors. To foster and support the exchange of information and ideas among all veteran organizations in order to provide better service to veterans and their families.
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